Why did we create 100xcrypto.com?

We started out as airdrop and bounty hunters when joining crypto world a few years back. It was fun and we learned alot. But very hard to turn the 1$-5$ token amounts into something usefull. So we created this service to help gaining bigger amounts in a few tokens instead of small in a hundred different tokens.

How to win 100X?

You send tokens to 0x0E841dEE0AE230c0948784A2A1ae57880dE02d04 from MEW wallet.
When confirmed you can see if you won. We pay 1 time daily. Your odds of winning 100X is 0.8%

We support the following tokens

UTN-P: Universa Token - send 10 UTNP - chance to win 1000 UNTP
Cointorox - send 5 OROX - chance to win 500 OROX
Elementeum - send 1 ELET - chance to win 100 ELET
POW Token - send 1000 POW - chance to win 100000 POW
Aircoins - send 10 AIRx - chance to win 1000 AIRx
Octus Network Golden Token - send 10 OCTG - chance to win 1000 OCTG


Project manager - Jan Emil Christiansen - Bitcointalk portfolio
Programmer - You?
Designer - You?

The future

Make the site faster
Make payment automatic.
Add more tokens
Create our own token to learn more about crypto. Will give better odds to holders.
Airdrops to people using our site.